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How does it work?

  • Challenges

    BlastOff addresses all training and development challenges in a personalized and scalable way.

  • Education

    The program is designed to bridge the gap between traditional education and the job market.

  • Skills

    We develop the competencies and skills of employees by creating a healthy, productive, motivated, and competitive environment.

  • Objectives

    We collaborate to find and retain talent to achieve the organization's strategic objectives.

In a scenario of high demand for professionals with technical skills in software development and talent shortage, we empower organizations of different sizes with qualified professionals for front end and back end development to thrive in the market and overcome challenges.


Meet the responsible instructors

  • Pamela Andrelo

    Pamela Andrelo

    Master's in Computer Science and Knowledge Management. "When everyone progresses together, success happens naturally." - Henry Ford

  • Davi Restani

    Davi Restani

    Undergraduate in Software Engineering, aims to share knowledge with others and learn more every day.

Fundamentals and Soft skills

What can you learn?

The student can learn to program, starting from programming logic to a specific language or framework.

  • 01

    Programming Logic

    Programming logic is the technique of connecting thoughts to achieve a specific goal. These thoughts can be described as a sequence of steps.

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  • 02


    A database is a system that allows for storing, managing, and organizing large amounts of information in a structured way. Databases are widely used in systems and applications to ensure data persistence, enabling fast and secure access to stored records. Here at Blastoff, the candidate will have the opportunity to learn about databases during the course and work on real projects where they will get to see how everything works in practice.

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  • 03

    Code Repository and Version Control System

    A code repository is a centralized location where a project's source code files are stored and managed. It allows developers to collaborate, track changes, share, and version the code. A version control system is a tool that aids in controlling the versions of source code, allowing developers to record and track changes over time, revert to previous versions, branch the code, and facilitate team collaboration. At Blastoff, the candidate will have the opportunity to learn about repositories and version control systems intuitively and also see their applications in large projects.

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  • 04

    Object-Oriented Programming

    Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm that organizes code around objects, which are instances of classes. In OOP, code is structured around objects that have properties (attributes) and behaviors (methods), allowing for the modeling of real-world entities in a more intuitive way. OOP emphasizes concepts such as encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism, promoting code reuse, modularity, and flexibility.

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  • 05

    Agile Methodology

    Agile methodologies are software development approaches that prioritize flexibility, collaboration, and continuous adaptation. Unlike traditional methodologies, agile methodologies value iterative and incremental delivery, frequent interaction with stakeholders, and the ability to quickly respond to changes in project requirements.

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The selection process

Understand how our selection process works

    • Applications

      Applications will be made through the toodoo website.

    • Who can participate?

      Anyone above 18 years old with a strong desire to learn and become developers.

    • Technical Exam

      The deadline to complete the technical exam will always be 24 hours.

    • Exam Correction

      The exams are corrected by the program managers, and the timeframe may vary depending on the number of available positions.

    • Behavioral Interview

      The behavioral interview is conducted by HR specialists with expertise in hiring developers.

    • Technical Interview

      The technical interview is conducted by a Senior Developer who will be responsible for this stage.

Testimonials from students

Find out what our students thought about the program!

Clique e interaja

  • Gabi


    I started at Toodoo in January 2021, when the name "Blastoff" didn't officially exist yet. It was an incredible experience, and I was closely guided by qualified professionals. I joined as an intern, and it was a month of intense studying before I got involved in a real project, where I could put into practice everything I had learned and continue learning. After three months at Toodoo, I was hired, and I continued working on projects, always with full support to clarify doubts and teach me.

  • Tharsis (Java – Kotlin / Mobile)

    Tharsis (Java – Kotlin / Mobile)

    The Blastoff program is very interesting, and my participation in this program has been filled with studying and learning. From the beginning, I have been learning new things and revisiting topics I already had some familiarity with, such as programming languages and object-oriented programming. The teaching methods used have been very helpful, incorporating projects, tasks, and challenges for us to tackle and improve every detail.

  • Felipe (Python – Node.jS / Back-end)

    Felipe (Python – Node.jS / Back-end)

    The Blastoff program is a unique experience that I had never encountered before. I currently feel a significant improvement in my performance and learning, even in a short period of time. About a month after the program started, it was noticeable how much my knowledge had improved. This is thanks to the well-organized and dynamic videos/lessons that facilitate learning. I also want to express my gratitude to Pamela and Flavio for their constant support and assistance in resolving doubts and problems. I believe that this format of recorded lessons, combined with the ongoing monitoring provided by the team, is one of the best ways to learn. I have the freedom to learn at my own pace, and along with that, I diligently follow the courses based on the goals and tasks proposed.

  • Roberto (C# / Back-end):

    Roberto (C# / Back-end):

    My experience with Blastoff was amazing; I learned a lot of new things and interacted with many people in the field. It was a lot of fun, and with every code I learn, my thirst for knowledge grows even more. That's it!

  • Tarcio (C# / Back-end):

    Tarcio (C# / Back-end):

    The Blastoff program has been one of the best opportunities I have ever had, and I continue to embrace it wholeheartedly. Before joining Blastoff, I was taking computer science courses, but I lacked guidance on how to apply my knowledge to enter the job market. At the beginning of Blastoff, I felt nervous about how it would work and what it would be like to start coding for clients. However, to my surprise, I met people who helped me improve as a developer and as a new professional in the job market. Currently, even though I am working on a real project, I see that everyone involved in Blastoff is extremely supportive, seeking to identify and address any issues and proposing ways to improve. Overall, Blastoff is a program that is helping new developers find their direction, enhancing their soft skills, and creating a new environment where we can learn from one another and strive for continuous improvement.


  • No, the training is 100% online, so employees can develop themselves from anywhere, with individualized support and assistance for any doubts at any time.

  • Our training program focuses on the most in-demand stacks in the software development market, including Python, Java, Swift, C#, Kotlin, HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, and others. We prepare you to stand out by mastering the most relevant technologies and expanding your professional opportunities.

  • The duration of Blastoff depends on the stack being developed in the training, as each one has a different learning curve. During the training, BlastOff participants go through a theoretical study phase with exercise solutions and technical and practical challenges to acquire skills and competencies related to the stack. After that, they move on to a technical residency to experience real projects and methodologies in client and partner companies.

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